Don't Let Hazardous Trees Pose a Threat to Your Property

Take advantage of our tree removal services in Smyrna & Marietta, GA

Trees make wonderful additions to properties of all sizes. They provide shade, add dimension to your landscape and even prevent erosion. Still, not every tree is right for your property. If one of your trees poses a threat, reach out to J & J Landscape & Tree Service for tree removal work. We have the knowledge and skills needed to remove trees safely.

For emergency tree removal services, call 770-433-9333 right now. We're available 24/7.

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We won't "leaf" a mess behind

Unlike some other tree removal companies in the Smyrna & Marietta, GA area, J & J Landscape & Tree Service can take down your problem tree without wrecking your lawn in the process. We employ a skilled tree climber with over 25 years of tree removal experience.

When you hire our dedicated crew, you can count on us to:

  • Inspect the tree and recommend a full removal or pruning
  • Create a safe, efficient tree removal plan
  • Bring commercial-grade tree removal equipment to your property
  • Cut down the tree and clean up the area
  • Haul away the debris once we're done

Contact J & J Landscape & Tree Service now to learn more about our tree removal services in Smyrna & Marietta, GA. You can request a free estimate right away. Want to replace the tree we removed with a new one? We can plant another tree in its place upon your request.