Premium Quality Tree Trimming

J & J Landscape & Tree Services is a leading tree company in Smyrna,, GA. We are well known in our community for the premium quality of our tree trimming (also known as tree cutting) service. For over 3 decades, we have been helping our customers take care of their trees with excellent results. There is no job that is too trifling or too challenging for us to do.

Pruning twigs and branchesTree trimming (or tree cutting) is the process of cutting tree branches in order to improve the health of a tree, as a safety measure, or for aesthetic purposes. J & J Landscape & Tree Services in Smyrna,, GA can get rid of dead, diseased or insect-infested tree limbs so that they don’t lead to a decline in a tree’s overall health. We also trim trees to stimulate fruit-bearing and new growth. Another reason why a tree is trimmed is to improve its appearance. Our tree trimmers are experts at shaping tree crowns beautifully. A tree that looks well-maintained can boost the value of your property.

Trimming also prevents accidents caused by fallen tree branches. Our company cares about your safety and that of your property, which is why we are ready to remove any tree limb that poses a risk for them. Overgrown tree branches which are too close to a structure can damage its roof because they prevent the roof from drying properly. Such branches also provide easy access for animals to your attic space. When the growth of tree limbs interferes with utility wires and cables, fire hazards increase.

Why hire J & J Landscape & Tree Services, and not another Smyrna,, GA tree care company? The reason why you should choose us is simple – tree cutting is an art and a science, which has to be done in the correct way if you want the right result to be achieved. If a tree isn’t trimmed properly, it may be killed. Our professional tree surgeons have mastered this procedure to perfection. They will handle your tree with great expertise and care.

Call us today for expert tree service – from tree maintenance to entire tree removal, there is no job that we cannot handle. We are available at (770) 433-9333.